Architectural CGI

Bring your architectural project to life.

Marketing CGI.

We provide effective 3d architectural visualisation and CGI solutions for architects, interior designers, and property developers, understanding their objectives to deliver visualisations to exceed their vision. Using 2D floor plans and reference details provided, we create stunning visuals before any work has started on site.

CGIs are an excellent way to market the development before work is complete. Our Photorealistic CGI are vital for the use of a sale of a property, they are mainly used for off the plan sales, brochures, websites, for funding and for presentations.

Photomontage Creation. 

With the use of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Image, we match the photo backplate to the 3 scene to create a perfectly composited into the photo backplate.

Planning Permission Visuals. 

Obtaining Planning permission can be a very difficult process, especially as the council like to see how the new building would fit in its surrounding area, with the help 3D visualisations, the decision makes can see how the building will look once complete.

Funding and Pitch Winning Imagery.

CGIs can show you a world, which only seems impossible. Concept ideas can be shown through 3D visualisation, allowing the people in charge of competitions and finances to view and understand the creative vision. 3D Visualisations/CGIs can be the perfect way to win your next competition or pitch.


HDRi map lighting is used to create the ideal lighting in our 3D visualisations & CGIs to enhance natural lighting. We can also create time-lapse animations to show how the sun would move around your building and how the shadows will fall at all times of the year.

Aerial Shots.

Aerial shots can be created with the use of a drone, which we can then use to match our CGI camera scenes to create the perfect aerial photo-montages.

Landscape 3D Modelling.

3D model complex organic environments are applied with materials to replicate a real life landscape, using this technique we can create a visual of how a final landscape space would look.

People Integration

People can show how a space can be used, we add high poly 3D models of CG people to add life into our visualisations.


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