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Working on your big vision to the smallest design detail.

Interior Details

FRAME team has a background in Architecture and Interior Design we understand how important, Details are for you and your Project.

Our team are able to incorporate an extensive knowledge and understanding of space, lighting and structure into generating high-quality visualisations for any scheme, working from the big vision to the smallest design detail.

Detailed Material and Texture Creation

With the use of material references, colour finishes and samples we create precise texture maps. Delivering a final virtual computer-generated image, which is more realistic.


CGIs lets you inform, market and sell your vision

Another benefit of using CGIs for marketing is having the ability to market and sell the development before it is has started being built, CGI marketing is the key influence of the sale of the property. These images are created by using different CGI techniques to bring your idea to life.

We Create a Sense of Life, in a World that Feels Real

We can create every little detail to show you interior designs, from the concept drawings to final designs, illustrating a contemporary feel to each fabric and furniture.


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