inform, market and sell your vision

Bring your architectural project to life.

Marketing CGI

3D Visualisations are fundamental for marketing purposes, it helps the buyer visualise the exact layout of a new building or refurbished property

The Team at Frame have worked with leading architects, designers and property developers to create high-end photo-realistic visualisations to show their clients and prospective buyers. By the time marketing visualisation is sought the building has already been thought through and each aspect is designed, our 3D designers make sure that each visual is the highest quality, whilst creating a unique atmosphere for each CGI.

Another benefit of using CGIs for marketing is having the ability to market and sell the development before it is has started being built, CGI marketing is the key influence of the sale of the property. These images are created by using different CGI techniques to bring your idea to life.

CGIs lets you inform, market and sell your vision.

Why Us

Frame’s team has a background in architecture and interior design; our team are able to incorporate an extensive knowledge and understanding of space, lighting and structure into generating high-quality visualisations for your interior and exterior project.

See the unseen.


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