What we do

We tell the story of unbuilt architecture. 

Concept and Design Visualisation

The Concept design stage is one of the most crucial parts of the design pitch, competing or bid, we create images, which can be used to promote your design proposal to potential clients and investors.

We develop interior views of your design concept, aiming to showcase your project to its full potential. Concept and design visualisations are best for adding a feeling of scale to your project.

Marketing Visualisation

3D Visualisations are fundamental for marketing purposes, it helps the buyer visualise the exact layout of a new building or refurbished property.

The Team at Frame have worked with leading architects, designers and property developers to create high-end photo-realistic visualisations to show their clients and prospective buyers. By the time marketing visualisation is sought the building has already been thought through and each aspect is designed, our 3D designers make sure that each visual is the highest quality, whilst creating a unique atmosphere for each visualisation.

Photo montages

A Photomontage is a blend of a rendered 3D model with an actual photograph. Our photo montages give a genuine representation of a how a development sits within the context. These planning imageries are 3D geometry and photography but do not determine a precise camera match.

Photomontages are usually used as an artistic impression and to give a sense of how the final building may look with the surrounding area/buildings.

(AVRs) Accurate Visual Representations

Also known as Visually Verified Montages, are specialist images requested by planning authorities to support applications of large scale projects, by triangulating datum points from and around the proposed development, we can precisely outline the effects of proposed projects. There are four classification types of AVR:

1: Location and size of proposal
2: Location, size, and degree of visibility
3: Same as level 1 plus description of architectural form
4: Same as level 2 plus shows the use of materials

VR & Real-time

With our CGI skills, we are able to create full 360° 3D images, that can provide a more stunning experience compared to the classic CGIs. The sense of space that is achieved through Virtual reality (VR) is ideal for architectural and interior visualisations, that can be used for all aspects of marketing.

With the use of a controller, the user can walk through a virtual scene, personalising the space as they want from selecting finishing touches to furniture’s whilst still experiencing the stunning quality of VR. Every project can be experienced in a completely different perspective.


CGI Animation and architectural flythroughs are a perfect way to show any potential financiers or stakeholders the project through a virtual tour before any work has started. HDRi map lighting, with camera speed, are used to create the desired mood, which will keep the audience engaged. People integration and moving vehicles are used to create the final photorealistic animation.


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