VR, Realtime and Animation

Taking you on a journey through the unbuilt.

VR and Animation

Static VR

With our CGI skills, we are able to create full 360° 3D images, that can provide a more stunning experience compared to the classic CGIs. The sense of space that is achieved through Virtual reality (VR) is ideal for architectural and interior visualisations, that can be used for all aspects of marketing.


CGI animation can be used as a powerful marketing tool, developers use it to sell properties off-plan, with VR  animation the user can walk through architectural spaces giving the user a realistic view of the final space before it is even built.


With the use of a controller, the user can walk through a virtual scene, personalising the space as they want from selecting finishing touches to furniture’s whilst still experiencing the stunning quality of VR. Every project can be experienced in a completely different perspective.

We engage people with your architectural ideas.

Why Us

From concept designs to final 3D visualisation & animations, we can produce architectural animations and walkthroughs of your projects. Our office is based in the centre of Manchester, where all work is done in-house.

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